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A V A T A R  2   M U S I C   P I T C H

August 2019 - Original Music by Chance Thomas

(Plus open letter to James Cameron at bottom of page)

I can imagine Avatar 2 beginning optimistically, with life reawakening and love blossoming in the new Omaticaya home world.  I've written this music to capture that feeling.  Although the track opens with a stinger, stay with it for a minute as I explore and develop a hopeful, new theme - tentatively at first, then growing with confidence into a joyful celebration.  In the end, I'll also take you to visit the intimacy and familiarity of Horner's beautiful motif from the first film. 


News media tell us that part of Avatar 2 occurs underwater.  In my imagination, I hear solo cello blended with whale song and human voice, in a sort of convolved instrument that doesn't exist quite yet (yes, I'm still working on it).  Meanwhile, we have the human voice in this track, taking us deep underwater and offering a glimpse of ocean mystery and wonder.


With actor Stephen Lang announced for the sequel, you know Colonel Miles Quaritch will find a way to bring the pain.  Lacking details, I can only imagine that aerial combat may play a role in the new story.  This music track is my take on scoring an epic battle in the skies over Pandora. 


Freedom flies on the back of a Banshee.  With the ocean below and Polyphemus high overhead, imagine skirting the sky with part one of this music track.  Part two envisions a gathering of Na'vi mystics under the watchful spirit of Eywa.


Chasing (or being chased) is a staple in many Cameron films.  This music presents an idea for underscoring an intense chase scene across Pandora's thick and dangerous jungle.


Every film score needs music that works under dialog.  It should be gently emotive and moving, without drawing too much attention to itself.  That's where this track begins.  Next, imagine an inciting action to pivot the drama, in this case building toward hope.  The music I'm offering here is intended to underscore these kinds of circumstances in the film.



Danger is out there.  Send out the recon team.  Just don't be surprised when they come running back with the enemy in hot pursuit.  Imagining some sort of ground assault here.



A final music track to celebrate the exotic beauty and alien danger of this rich jungle moon.  Until we meet again...!


August, 2019

Dear Mr. Cameron,


I enthusiastically invite you to hear this original music I’ve put together for AVATAR 2 - the dawning of a new day for the Omaticaya, the exploration of Pandora’s oceans, new conflicts, the return of old enemies – all performed by live orchestra, choir, ethnic instruments, solo voice… even a hint of whale song!


This open letter is a creative attempt to reach you, to invite your consideration, to catalyze your curiosity enough to listen to eight original music tracks, prepared especially for AVATAR 2.  

I'm not desperate.  But I would like to get your attention.


James Horner mentored me.  Avatar inspired me.  I think life experience has prepared me.


I grew up in Oklahoma, hearing and re-hearing stories of the infamous Trail of Tears.  It turned my heart to the plight of the Native Americans, their civilization upended, their lives broken. 


As a child, I read and re-read Chariots of the Gods, which stirred a fascination for the indigenous civilizations of South and Central America, with an eye turned towards the stars.  


From these formative influences, my immersion into Pandora’s story came quickly, easily, and comprehensively as I began composing music for Avatar’s video game release in 2009. 


I fell in love with the world.  I love the Omaticaya and the way their warrior spirituality connects them to their ancestors and all living things.  I love the conflict against an aggressive, arrogant, military industrial complex.  I love how rival Na’vi tribes came together to triumph over their aggressors.  I’m drawn to Jake Sully, a broken man given new life and purpose.


During that time, James Horner led me to understand his musical interpretation of that world, as I composed under his tutelage to create Avatar's original video game score.  James shared his ideas with me about rhythm, pace, harmonic structure, theme, and palette.  Such a stunning gift!


These pieces of music encapsulate what I learned from Horner's guidance, while also including my own inspiration about Pandora’s future.  


Randy Gerston, my Hollywood agent, once described me as a spiritual successor to James Horner, cut from the same cloth (those are his words, not mine).  I won’t go that far.  But I do recognize that blending Horner’s mentoring influences with my own natural connection to Avatar’s story has, at the very least, created a uniquely relevant combination! 


Mr. Cameron, if you somehow find your way to this page, I hope you will recognize in these tracks a musical voice that is both familiar and appropriately fresh. 

If you hear inklings of your next film in this music, then we may have some interesting things to talk about.  If not, no harm done.  


Either way it’s been my pleasure to put this music together with great love and admiration for the rich and evocative world you’ve created.  


Thank you for the inspiration,


Chance Thomas